Scholarship Program

booksEach year, the League of Railway Industry Women awards scholarships to qualified students from around the rail industry who are pursuing undergraduate degrees. LRIW recognizes the importance of education and is proud to offer financial assistance to students working to achieve their academic goals.

The LRIW Scholarship Program provides an opportunity for any member of LRIW, corporate member company, or an individual’s dependent to submit an application for scholarship funds.  Applicants must be entering at least their sophomore year (30 credit hours) to qualify. Please note that consecutive winners are not allowed – anyone who was a winner of a 2013 scholarship will not be eligible in 2014.

The 2014/2015 LRIW Scholarship Program will begin in Spring 2014.  An application and eligibility requirements will be posted on this site. 

Please contact LRIW Scholarship Chair, Kathy Keeney with any questions about the LRIW Scholarship Program or to contribute financially.