Current Opportunities

The League of Railway Industry Women (LRIW) is soliciting nominations for board members. The three year term will begin in the fall of 2017. LRIW members should consider this an opportunity to represent and promote women in the rail industry. LRIW will contact all nominees and ask for additional information including a biography; statement of interest; and, a company commitment. Members may nominate themselves. You can view our current board here:

Current LRIW Board Opportunities:


The League of Railway Industry Women’s Board of Directors is made up of approximately fifteen female railway industry professionals, four of which comprise the executive committee. LRIW is a completely volunteer association, thus the board, the committees and the membership as a whole drive our efforts.

The typical office term for board members is three years. The Nominating Committee is charged, to the best of its ability, with taking into consideration the size of the company and disciplines in the industry to help ensure the board fully represents the LRIW membership.

The nominees are vetted by the Nominating Committee and presented to the Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee (under the supervision of the LRIW President) will then present a slate of candidates to the full LRIW membership for election.

The LRIW Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the organization’s long-term financial stability and integrity. Officers and directors ensure that the organization fulfills its mission by doing quality work. Officers and directors recognize that in order to foster the organization’s continued viability and growth, their participation in all aspects of LRIW activities is necessary. LRIW Board members pledge to personally contribute their time and talents toward this end.

Board Elections:

Application Deadline:

  • The application period for these positions has closed. We thank all candidates who applied. They will be notified shortly regarding the status of their application.