LRIW Thanks Amsted Rail for Sponsorship at 2015 Conference

July 30, 2015. The League of Railway Industry Women (LRIW) would like to thank Amsted Rail for its support of the LRIW Annual Conference held in conjunction with Railway Interchange 2015  to be held on October 4 -6 in Minneapolis.

About Amsted Rail

AmstedRailLogo Amsted Rail is the world’s leading manufacturer of undercarriage and end-of car railcar components for heavy haul freight railcars and locomotives. With  facilities spanning over 40 locations across 10 countries and 6 continents, no one has a stronger commitment to design excellence and reliability. We also build in the technical expertise to deliver forward-looking solutions that anticipate the challenges you’ll face tomorrow.

Through our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, Amsted Rail is redefining industry standards for innovation and technology, providing our customers worldwide with unmatched performance and reliability for the long haul. Our manufacturing processes are designed to be every bit as demanding as the harsh, real-world environments heavy haul railcars are exposed to everyday. Each product is precision-engineered, built to the tightest tolerances and rigorously tested to optimize performance.

To keep track of your fleet around the world, the IONX division of Amsted Rail is the premier provider of remote asset monitoring and tracking systems that improve shipment safety, security, turn cycles and fleet optimization.

For more information on Amsted Rail & IONX, please visit their website, or visit booth 3409 in the Railway Supply Institute exhibit hall at Railway Interchange 2015.