Interrail, Inc. Railroad Materials Joins as LRIW Corporate Member

June 18, 2015. LRIW would like to welcome Interrail Inc. as a corporate member. View a full list of our corporate members here.

COMPANY PROFILE: Interrail, Inc. is a collaboration of three leading railroad companies. Our teams of highly qualified and experienced people work together to provide solutions for today’s railroad industry. Interrail Engineering, Inc. (IRE) provides engineering services such as Field Surveys, Preliminary Engineering, Detailed Design, Rack Testing, As-In-Service, Project Management and much more. All of the employees at IRE have railroad engineering, design, drafting and/or CADD experience. Interrail Signal, Inc. (IRS) provides Class One and Short Line Railroads with Railway Signal Installation, Maintenance, Pole Line Removal, Material Management and Procurement and much more. IRS field crews are experienced and knowledgeable, some having previously worked in the signal departments of Class One railroads. Interrail Power, Inc. (IRP) offers a variety of services and products including meter services, shunt enclosures, transformer boxes and various other types of electrical boxes that can be customized to the customers’ requirements.

WOMEN AT INTERRAIL: For nearly two decades our three companies have worked closely with our customers to provide the railroad industry with solutions that are tested, safe and unmatched by any other. All three companies are WBE Certified. Nearly one half of Interrail Engineering’s employees are women, with leadership roles in office management, project management, accounting, finance, marketing, design, distribution and engineering. Our vision for creating equal opportunities for women in the railroad industry is one of determination. Being part of an association such as the League of Railway Industry Women is a wonderful opportunity to expand that vision through leadership, learning opportunities and support in today’s railroad industry.

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