ENSCO Joins as LRIW Corporate Member


August 1, 2015. The League of Railway Industry Women would like to welcome ENSCO as a corporate member. View a full list of our corporate members here.

COMPANY PROFILE: For more than 45 years, ENSCO has been leading the rail industry worldwide in developing new and advanced technologies to improve the safety, security and quality of their operations. ENSCO is a leading provider of automated and autonomous inspection systems, web-based data management systems, vehicle dynamics analysis and simulations, large-scale systems integration for federal and commercial railways. The ENSCO name represents the rail industry’s premier source for track inspection, vehicle/track interaction monitoring and railroad asset management technology. The ENSCO Rail subsidiary provides commercial track inspection products and services.

WOMEN AT ENSCO: Women lead various roles in senior management, engineering, computer science, project management, administration, marketing, contracts, and finance.  ENSCO is proud to highlight Susan Cook, who has worked at ENSCO for more than 43 years.  At ENSCO, she leads the Automated Track Inspection Program (ATIP), serves as the deputy rail division manager and is a recognized rail industry leader.  Susan has not only made enduring contributions to the railway industry but has also been key to ENSCO supporting women and their railway careers.

Visit ENSCO online: www.enscorail.com